Skylite Services


Skylite Networks is a comprehensive mix of various departments from IPTV to Ethernet cable sales, and from web development services to managing transportation systems.

Skylite Networks has been established since 1994, based in Fremont, California. Skylite offers products and services in the domain of networking, video distribution, application development, transportation modeling, and online marketing.

Skylite maintains a team of highly motivated individuals to provide innovative solutions to our valued customers. Initially, satellite communication was deployed to transport video channels. Since the advent of IP based technologies, Skylite adopted and used it as a reliable medium of video transmission. Currently, we use the latest IPTV technologies to bring the best video-based entertainment for the African diaspora thru our subsidiary platform,

Skylite has been involved in the research & development of communication equipment and Networking Cables. Innovative ideas and our team’s dedication has helped us launched our own brand name,

Skylite Networks is actively engaged in developing tools for providing transportation planning services. Our focus is on simulation models for integrated modeling of multi-model transportation scenarios, which include Transportation Network Companies, autonomous vehicles and vehicle fleet electrification. Our state-of-the-art simulation models are aimed at providing the public and private sectors.