Send and reply contact form
(Free WordPress Plugin)

Send and Reply Contact form (Free WordPress Plugin)

Send Reply Contact Form, Plugin By Skylite Networks
WordPress is one of the most using open source platform to arrange and manage the content, creating website, publishing news, posting add, and so on creating works. There are many types of WordPress used according to the requirements. Indeed Plugins are the key processors of the WordPress, without their installations WordPress can’t be functions according to latest requirements. Plugins can be easily installed, and enhance flexibility and productivity of the word press. There are bulk of plugins available on space of internet market. Like Security plugin, Social Media access Plugin, and Contact Plugins. There are old functioned, little flexible Contact plugins are already you have experience with. These were full of errors, tasteless and used to.
You want something new? Then read further something new for you.
Now I will going to introduce you the most latest and multi functioned Contact Plugin. It is featured itself with lot of inbuilt and some of customized functions with the access to admin. Our Send Reply Contact Form Plugin is the innovation form of plugin, can be installed into your WordPress and provide you with new theme of front –end page. It will look like;

It is very easy to install; just go to your already installed plugins following the image below:

Click on the Add New Button in your WordPress.

Clicking on the Add New button enables you to Upload Plugin from your device. Click on the Upload Plugin button

Clicking on the Upload Plugin button in your WordPress allows you to choose file from your device

Now chose and install in to your WordPress by clicking on the button of Install Now 

It takes few seconds, after installation WordPress ask you to activate this plugin, do it so

Salience Features

  • Allow admin to answer the question from the WordPress like;
    For Example: Samuel come to your website and he want to ask you what is your policy?  He will fill the mentioned below form and press the Send button

A notification email will be received on the email address provided by the admin of WordPress after installing Send Reply Contact Form Plugin. 

The message will appear on your WordPress, if you have Admin access then you can reply from dashboard

After Clicking on the button Reply your WordPress provide you Writing Bar to respond

  • The admin dashboard includes INBOX and Sent Mails to keep log of mail activity.


Sent Mails

  • Admin can send reply from dashboard and delete sent mails log
    Admin also can delete mail box

Note: Inbox message will be deleted by default after successfully replying.

  • The settings page allows admin to change the Error and Validation Messages, furthermore.
  • You need to press the button SCF Settings now

Now you will be enter into new screen that will provide you the customization option according to your own choices

Now look in new one below

Plugins Front-end include:

  • Name: Name must be according to your Dashboard setting’s length
  • Email: Your email address must be valid, in any domain
  • Subject same as email subject follow the instructions provided by admin
  • Message: Message strength according to SCF Setting
  • Captcha: Automatic Captcha will be asked to check you are not robot.