Himalayan Salt Products

Skylite Networks Developed this for its own Product


We have the aim to provide customers with a safe and secure purchasing experience. Our knowledge and long-term experience allow us to provide help and advice on all matters related to salt products and salt rooms. We are proud to introduce our brand new products made from 100 % pure Himalayan salt which is mined from the foothill of the Himalayan mountain range at Khewra region of northern Punjab, Pakistan. Our high-quality salt products include salt lamps, crystals, rocks, bricks, and others. We also provide customized wall design systems and the building construction expertise of salt rooms. The Himalayan pink salt products are not only used for decoration purposes but also possessed a lot of health benefits.

These products are manufactured with high care and we make every effort to guarantee the highest levels of customer satisfaction, including quality control measures throughout our international supply chain. All the Himalayan salt products are shipped directly from our manufacturing house in Pakistan and made available locally, via our warehouse in California, USA.