Machine Learning Study Jam - April 20th, 2019

This seminar will be about Google cloud and focus on Machine Learning. The seminar will cover the basic overview and introduction of Machine Learning, Why do we care about Machine Learning and how is it transitioning the world of computing. We will be talking about training Machine Learning model and inferring and predicting results using some fun examples on google cloud.

Audience will be given an opportunity to explore Machine Learning services and solutions on google cloud. There will be a hands-on session as well in which audience will train the model on March Madness Data set and predict which team would likely win this year’s game.

Audience will be provided with free google lab credits, and subscriptions that they can use to self-explore google cloud services at home and they can also earn badges and certifications which would be shareable on LinkdIn.


  • Introduction to Machine Learning
    • Introduction to basic ML terminologies
    • Explaining Machine Learning with some fun examples
  • Introduction to Google Cloud ML track
  • Hands-on Lab
  • QA
  • Google benefits for students

What you will learn

  • What is Machine Learning
  • Career in Machine Learning
  • Google solutions for Machine Learning
  • Training Machine Learning model and inferring result

Machine Learning Study Jam